15 gennaio 2013
Giuliano Pisapia
Mayor of Milan

The exhibition devoted to Renzo Bergamo cannot help but be also an
exhibition about Milan. This is the city that he chose as the backdrop
of his inspiration for forty years. Bergamo’s works recall the history of
Milanese art from the second half of the 1900s, in all of its richness
and variety: a reality that Bergamo intersected and interpreted with full
awareness and originality.
The Sforza Castle, a real treasure chest of the city’s art, is the ideal place
to show the works of a painter who considered himself close to classical
elements, and yet was able to read contemporaneity effectively and with
true passion for the world. Bergamo’s language in based on the energy he
uses for strokes and shapes: an ode to life that can be heard in all of his
artistic production, from the 1950s to the early years of this new century.
His outlook revolves around the Cosmos as container of life, which he
explores and represents with both the humanistic awareness of Renaissance
artists and the creative strength of the Avant-gardes. Standing in
front of one of Bergamo’s paintings means allowing oneself a different
point of view on what is at the same time inside of us and over us, in
the immensity of the universe.
With this exhibition, Milan reconfi rms its ability to create cultural innovation
by showcasing the most original and complex artists that contributed to
the artistic identity of the city, and of the country as a whole, throughout
Western history. Discovering the mark Milan has left in time, again and
again, is one of the ways we have to love this city.
Giuliano Pisapia
Mayor of Milan